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Consensus is the heart of any Blockchain platform. UniChain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and combines it with HotStuff and other side-chain architecture for scalability and one second block finality.

Uni Bridge Protocol

Cross Chain

Side chain communication happens via UniChain’s native Smart Contract system, called UniBridge Protocol. It also communicates with other Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS and so forth.


Side Chain

UniChain supports multi-chain functionality. It acts as foundation (i.e.central chain) to validate all side chain’s states and link them together as the name Uni (for unity) suggests. Each side chain keeps it’s own block and transaction validators.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Scalability & Security

UniChain combines and modifies the newest technologies on the Blockchain and AI market to reach millions of transactions per second without compromising decentralization and security. Built for global capacity.

Innovation Business

UniChain's UniChain Is Open Source For
Decentralized Applications

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Public Blockchains

Independent NPO Association

The UniChain Association works to evolve and scale the network. It leads a a grant-making social impact program that to support financial inclusion efforts worldwide. The association collaborates with the global community and partners with policymakers to further help the UniChain mission.

  • The UniChain Association is made up of a group of diverse organizations from around the world.
  • The Founding Members of the association each run one of the validator witness nodes that form the network operating the UniChain Blockchain.
  • One of the association’s directives is to work with the community to research and implement the transition to a permissionless network over time.
  • This initial group of organizations works together to finalize the UniChain Association’s charter and will become the founding members upon its completion.

For Developers

Thepre-mainnet is Live. Please take a look at the code and technology behind the UniChain Blockchain, and try it out.It’s available GitHub. Feel free to contact us.*

  • UniChain is looking for developers with experience to help us further develop the technology and upgrade UniChain.
  • Unichain’s is built for the smart economy. To accelerate and scale AI and Blockchain technology application to economy and society.
  • We believe Unichain is one of the most powerful Blockchain platforms that meets the requirements necessary for real-life applications (i.e. scalability, decentralization and security).
  • Our goal is to have UniChain not only being used in it’s own ecosystem (UniWorld), but every major decentralized application around the world.

(*) GitHub or contact us

UniWorld Ecosystem

UniChain Based

Uni Wallet supports UNW and BNB tokens with many more coming soon. The client supports multiple platforms, you can choose to use.

IOS Wallet

Web Wallet

Android Wallet

Blocks Explorer


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