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Consensus is a heart of any blockchain platform, we apply the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) to our platform. We try to combine the DPOS with HotStuff and side chain architecture to make our system scalability and reach the block finality exactly after one second.


Unichain supports multi-chain,everyone can create a new side chain. The root and central chain is Unichain which plays an important role to validate all side chain’s states and also link them together. Each side chain has it own block and transaction validators.

Cross Chain

Side chains communicate with root chain and other chains via Smart Contract. Unichain provides Smart Contract system for this communication called Uni bridge protocol. It also communicates with other blockchain platform, ie. Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS ...

Scalability & Security

UniChain propose the combination & modification of many advantage of cutting-edge technologies which has capacity of handling millions of transactions/second while reserving the decentralization and security for every decentralized application around the world.



Association's NPO independent

The UniChain Association works to evolve and scale the network and reserve and leads a social impact grant-making program that supports financial inclusion efforts worldwide. The association collaborates with the global community and partners with policymakers to help further the UniChain mission.

The UniChain Association is made up of a group of diverse organizations from around the world.

The Founding Members of the association each run one of the validator witness nodes that form the network that operates the UniChain Blockchain.

One of the association's directives will be to work with the community to research and implement the transition to a permissionless network over time.

This initial group of organizations will work together to finalize the UniChain Association's charter and will become the association's Founding Members upon its completion.

UniChain is a open source

Testnet is Live. Please, take a look at the code and technology behind the UniChain Blockchain, and try out testnet available on Github

UniChain's looking for developers with experience or would like to support us in developing technology upgrades UniChain

Unichain's mission is for the smart economy, welcome everyone who needs to find the combination of A.i technology and Blocks to apply to economy and society.

We believe Unichain is one of the most powerful blockchain platforms that meet the requirement from real applications (ie. scalability, decentralization and security).

Our target is to make Unichain not only being used in Uniworld ecosystem but also in every decentralized application around the world.


Download the whitepaper and learn about UniChain, the unique UniWorld Ai & Blocks Ecosytem approach and the team/advisors.

White Paper (2019)
Two Pager (2019)
One Pager (2019)
Use Case (2019)




Below we’ve provided a bit of UniChain, UNW Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is UniChain?

UniChain is a blockchain platform that modify, customize and combine the cutting-edge technologies so that It is highly scalable, security and has capacity to handle millions of transactions per second.

UniChain is one of UniWorld products, Most of Uniworld products use UniChain, It’s an ecosystem.

UniLab (member of UniWorld) is the UniChain creator. When UniChain mainet is officially launched, network is managed by its rules ie. stakeholders, community, witnesses. UniWorld supports for software maintenance, bugs fix, improvement and other technical spec.

Everyone interested in Blockchain can use Unichain. It can be used to store data, exchange asset, supply chain, healthcare, gambling …

UniLab (as known as Samurai Lab) was established in 2013. The team members come from all over the world, including Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, EU and US.

Can I deploy smart contract on UniChain?

Absolutely yes. UniChain is pubic blockchain, you can deploy your smart contracts on common chain or event create a chain for yourself to deploy your smart contracts.

Each side chain can handle about ten of thousands of transactions per second. Total transaction on Unichain may be up to millions TPS.

Side chain communicates with root chain by using the Uni Smart contract system (or Uni bridge protocol)

Similar to previous question, UniChain can communicate to other blockchain platform by using Uni bridge protocol. In this case, Uni bridge protocol is just like and decentralized exchange.

Currently We support only move language. Nodejs and Java will be supported in near future.

Unichain use some concepts and source code from libra project. We do research and develop our own software in Uni Lab. When mainnet released, It will mostly used source code from Uni Lab and some open source project.

What is the witness node?

Witness node is the node that responsible for transaction validation and block creation.

To become a witness note, You should do the following steps:

- Deposit at least 250.000 UniWorld Cash (UNW) to your account

- Send register witness proposal transaction to network

- Wait for voting process to become a witness node.

- Note that if you become the witness node, you have to pay for witness transaction fee (1000 UNW)

- The number of UNW to become witness node may change when mainnet officially launch.

If You use your Cash to vote for witnesses and witnesses are on the active list, You may receive the block reward Cash. The number of Cash received is depended on your voting Cash, please checkout the white paper for more details.

When We launch UniChain mainet, We also launch the UniTrade platform. UniTrade is crypto-currency exchange that support UniWorld Cash and use UniWorld Cash as native Cash. That means you can use UniWorld Cash to exchange to other Cash/coin and if you use UNW to pay for the transaction fee, you may save up to 80%.

It bases on the computational complexity of the transaction, the more complex, the more transaction fee you have to pay. The normal transfer UniWorld Cash from an account to another account would cost only 0.0001 UNW.

No one. Transaction fee is burned, It makes your Cash more valuable.

What is UniWorld?

UniWorld is our own Ecosystem with live products. UniWorld is an ecosystem that includes products such as UniBot, UniMe, UniChain, Mia and other utility applications. But we have our own research and development department called UniLab which was established in 2013. Uniworld has formerly small companies specializing in trade, services and the business deal with Bitcoin. Uniworld is a new brand names holistic ecosystem that we created.. We created concept business to fit smart society 5.0. And we gather the most advanced, cutting edge technologies to serve the A.i and Blockchain economic, what is called UniWorld. We are for A.i & Blocks economic of smart society 5.0. Please explore our true products and promote the ecosystem with us.

UniBot is Virtual Assistant platform, You create your own 3D avatar with voice chatbot Base A.i.

UniMe is a communication application with new concepts such as where the hosts and customers communicates with the virtual assistants. UNIME as a bridge: Connecting people and bots for business and life such as communication, wallet payment, verification, and unitiy component of the UniWorld Ecosystem is Multiple Intelligences Alliance in the world of developers, programmers, people and who development technologies, applications and users play games online, business, trading and othes in A.I and Blockchain industries. In other words, we are a business slim social networking site, linking people as gateway between people in the World for emerging technology system living and doing with AI, BLOCKCHAIN.

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